Rasmus Klockljung, Lira, Schweden (2016) — Trad.Attack!

Rasmus Klockljung, Lira, Schweden (2016)

" "Ah!" ist unbestreitbar eines der einzigartigsten Volkmusik-Alben die ich über die Jahre gehört habe und meiner Meinung nach auch eines der besten."

Acoustic folkrock. Lira likes it! Old archival songs have inspired many contemporary folk bands, but few have engaged them like Trad.Attack! Musicians of the Estonian trio have entwined archival recordings into no less than seven songs out of twelve that already stand out for their modern sound and they really enjoy musical cooperation with the old recordings. Ancient voices skillfully become the fourth instrument. Even when the musicians sing themselves, they maintain a monotonous groove that the archival recordings offer, as is the case in "Oleks minu olemine".

The setup of the trio is unconventional – an acoustic guitar and a drum set plus an Estonian bagpipe/Jew's harp/saxophone/flute played by Sandra Sillamaa. A detailed and elaborate production succeeds in making the overall image of the music rich and spacious. In "Unes", where the bagpipe meets the wah-wah effect, the result is ridiculously tasteful and the same can be told about the second track of the album with its hypnotical grooves on the Jew's harp. "Ah!" is indisputably one of the most unique folk albums I have listened to over the years and in my opinion also one of the best. In spite of its young age the trio has given concerts in numerous countries and we can only hope to hear them soon in Sweden. If their live show is as great as the recorded album, we can expect fantastic concerts and Swedish organisers should already start booking the band!