Chris Nickson, FRoots, UK (2017)

"Can Estonia (and its bagpipes) be poised for musical world domination?"

MARGUS HAAV, Magazine Music, estonia (2017)

"Trad.Attack!’s second LP, the charming and gripping “Shimmer Gold“ is, no doubt, one of the most important albums in Estonia this year."

Louise Thomason, Shetland News, UK (2017)

"They have the makings of one of those unforgettable folk festival acts…"

John robb, Louder than war, uk (2017)

"...the band’s concert is a triumph”

alvar loog, postimees, estonia (2017)

"This band didn’t come on stage to seek the audience’s sympathy but to take it. "

Henning Bolte, London Jazz, UK (2016)

"Its music is punchy, rousing, soaring and disarmingly infectiouos."

John Robb, Louder Than War, UK (2015)

"21st century Nordic turbo folk band band who thrill."

Karina Rozena,, Estonia (2015)

"Another conclusion that I made is that the songs of Trad.Attack! are full of energy - the same as the style of their performance."

Stephen Winick, The Huffington Post, USA (2015)

"Few bands are as in-your-face with their traditude as Estonian trio Trad. Attack… But as it stands, the album is a fascinating glimpse at Estonian magic, as well as a fun, rewarding listen, promising good things in this band's future."

Silvia Urgas, ERR Culture Blog, Estonia (2015)

"It is impossible to confuse something else with Trad.Attack!"

Frans Robert, The Baltic Scene, baltic states (2014)

"This turbo-nordic-folk band brings back the energy, purity and sincerity of Estonian folk music."