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Fans' interview with Trad.Attack!

In November, our fans asked us some fierce questions! We selected 10 questions and the answers reveal our most exciting collaborations, our current doings (now that we are not on tour), and what is our favorite porridge! :)

Is there a rock-folk single coming soon?

JALMAR: For the album "Make Your Move" we recorded a song called "Rikas Sittus". I think it's real rock while also folk. I recommend listening to it! ;)
SANDRA: Right now we are rather calm in our creative activities, but we have some plans for the summer! Whether it's going to be rock or folk or rock-folk, time will tell! ;)

When is the next music video coming?

TÕNU:  We have quite a few live recordings for which we are even planning a video, we’ll see.
JALMAR: In general, music videos are like songs - the idea has to be good. We could film a music video for each song on the new album, but until we haven’t had that heureka! moment, it is not wise to just waste money. All in all, music videos are designed to support songs and enhance the release of the album. "Pass-pass", "Tehke Ruumi" and "Armasta Mind", as singles, got their music videos, but with other songs we would rather use live videos to transmit our energy from live performances! Some already have, and some are yet to come!

What is your coolest collaborative project? What kind of projects do you dream of?

SANDRA: When I think of a musical collaboration project, then for me lately the coolest collaboration has been the song "Armasta Mind" with Vaiko Eplik. I would like to do something with a foreign artist.
JALMAR: It really was refreshing to work with Vaiko. If one is allowed to dream, then Jacob Collier, Max Martin, Pharrell Williams, Weeknd, deceased Avicii, Coldplay, etc. :)))))
TÕNU: Well, as Jalmar already began naming, one could for example add Arvo Pärt who we haven’t worked with yet. But we got to share the stages and songs with Anne Veski. It was definitely a very proud moment - when thinking about the recent ones.

What part of creating a new song is most exciting to you?

JALMAR: When an idea just appears, out of the blue. One moment you really struggle, another everything comes so easily and well, it always shoots the motivation through the roof. And another exciting moment is the one where you hear the first studio collusion or mix made by a dedicated producer.
SANDRA: When I struggle with some part of my melody and I recognize that I'm on the right track and I can start polishing that idea.
TÕNU: The most exciting moment is probably the one where you realize that something that is going to work has been born. And the melody stays with you for days, sometimes even months .


Could Sandra also consider a virtual Jew’s harp school? (like Jalmar’s guitar school)

TÕNU: Absolutely: "About life and the Jew’s harp with Sandra!"'
SANDRA: I'm not that good at playing the Jew’s harp that I could teach it well

What is your favorite porridge?

TÕNU: Jam with porridge, the type of porridge does not matter. :)
JALMAR: I used to hate oatmeal, now I love it! But with raspberries and nuts and especially porridge made with oat milk!
SANDRA: Millet!

What is your favorite island in Estonia?

TÕNU: Nice Island :D [ed.Naissaar in Estonian sounds like nice saar, as in nice island].
JALMAR: Kihnu.
SANDRA: There is no definite favorite, but this summer there were plans to go to Hiiumaa which unfortunately fell through. So the next island will be HIIUMAA!

If you don't tour at the moment and don't give many concerts then what do you do?

TÕNU: I try to practice, create and record with my instrument for at least 2-3 hours every day. I go running and work out in the fresh air, not quite every day, but it's a fairly common part of my routine. I like to cook a lot and because I don't eat meat, there is a lot of experimenting. And most of all, I just like to hang out with my family, go to the sauna and run in the autumn leaves or in puddles.
JALMAR: I am preparing for the best possible future! Namaste!
SANDRA: I still deal with band affairs on a daily basis - emails, newsletters, social media, etc. There is a lot of work even if it is not directly on stage. In addition, I read books, cook a lot, work on my new project, raise a son and prepare for the arrival of a new child. :)

What is your best tip for keeping positive in these dark times?

TÕNU: Quoting Master Uguet: "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift and that's why they call it THE PRESENT ..."
JALMAR: Rely on all small successes on a daily basis. Positivity and motivation are mostly destroyed by small setbacks, and by focusing on them, we can disappear into this darkness. It is wise to focus your thoughts on even the smallest victories of the day - no matter if it is a job well done, showing up at a rehearsal on time, a recognition from a friend, a small good deed to a fellow citizen, etc.
SANDRA: I combine pleasant with useful. I do work every day, but I also find time for myself ─ I do yoga, do some of my projects, walk outside, etc. And I burn a lot of candles!

What book did you last read that you would recommend to others?

TÕNU: "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" by Douglas Adams.
JALMAR: “The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read” by Philippa Perry. But I would recommend a book that changed my life (and also Sandra’s): Brendon Burchard's "High Performance Habits"
SANDRA: August Gailit’s "Karge Meri".