weekend australian, austraalia (2017) — Trad.Attack!

weekend australian, austraalia (2017)

Estonian chart-toppers Trad.Attack! deliver with considerable ardour and admirable integrity the kind of music their moniker indicates. For a three-piece playing acoustic instruments, they create an almighty sound. The velocity and volume of the more souped-up numbers on Trad.Attack!’s second album would do justice to a heavy metal band. In Metsa Kuldsed Kuningad, Sandra Vabarna’s amplified Estonian bagpipe and husband Jalmar’s effects-powered 12-string guitar howl like a pack of hungry wolves above Tõnu Tubli’s demonic drumming and alongside rapid-fire incantations said to ward off lupine attacks. A song about bears (Mõmm) featuring ursine-strength male scatting ends with a Led Zep-proof rock riff. In a wild opening salvo (Talgo), based on a traditional runo song, twangy Jew’s harp combines with whistles and vocals to set the album’s high-octane tone. Even a spellbinding lullaby, Unelaul, switches hits overdrive midway. A power-packed polka (Nüüdispolka) and an Express-paced relationships song (Kabala) echo Celtic punk bands Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly. Säde stands in stark contrast: an exquisite dreamscape that floats like an Irish air.

Trad.Attack! has performed its edgy, utterly engrossing music in 30 countries in just three years, from Chile to South Korea. Australia is reportedly on its agenda.