Le Canard Folk, belgium (2018) — Trad.Attack!

Le Canard Folk, belgium (2018)

Trad.Attack! is an Estonian band that was formed in 2004 without any specific career plans in mind. To date, they have held concerts in 34 countries, including Belgium (Dranouter and Belsele), and this is their second album. This modern and dynamic trio consisting of Sandra Vabarna (bagpipes, jew’s harp, flute, zither and vocals), Jalmar Vabarna (twelve-string guitar, vocals) and Tõnu Tubli (drums, zither, carillon, vocals) and creates memorable melodies like soft lullabies or songs like “Sõit“ which is characterized by repeating onomatopoeia. In addition, the drums and bagpipes in the song “Nüüdispolkas” are just stunning. They play from the heart and create with joy which will no doubt delight everyone.