jazzthetik, Alemania (2017) — Trad.Attack!

jazzthetik, Alemania (2017)

Another step further [like the aforementioned group Kata] is taken by the trio Trad.Attack!. These three Estonians are not happy just singing transcripts of old songs, instead they mix original recordings of folk songs found from archives into their tracks. Hoarse voices and scratchy sounds tie the music to the past, as it otherwise sounds very modern. Pop music, psychedelic and progressive rock elements show children’s verses, dances, lullabies and spells against wolves in a new light again and again. It is great that the parts that you can rock out to do not sound like the thing folk musicians usually think of as rock. They are really powerful. During its three short years, Trad.Attack! has already received numerous awards in their home country. We still have some discovering to do.


For that, a solid four out of five points to them.