Alvar Loog, Postimees, Estonie (2017) — Trad.Attack!

Alvar Loog, Postimees, Estonie (2017)

This band didn’t come on stage to seek the audience’s sympathy but to take it. They didn’t try to please nor did they stop with doubt or uncertainty, but went on singing and playing in sheer confidence and knowing that they’re admired and loved because it was the only possible way. And above all: their music provided an unexpected and unbelievable extent of coverage for this belief.

Trad.Attack! reconciles the future with the past and does it cheerfully and complex-free…

From the postmodern furnace of Trad.Attack! comes pop music worthy of the second decade of the 21st century. Folk, beats and rock’n’roll.

Trad.Attack! radiates (or rather gushes?) energy inherent to a visionary, child-like joy of life, craziness and love.

I ate right out of the hand of the band, danced between the seat rows and applauded for more. Just like the rest of the full-house audience. And I had to admit that I had met a group that is as uncompromisingly modern as it is engagingly vital, reasonably original and remarkably popular, more than any other internationally significant Estonian band now or ever before.

Trad.Attack! is probably the first band throughout the history about whom I’d dare to say that they’re bigger than the local music scene; that they don’t even need this local scene.

The room and stage were too small for Trad.Attack! and there was not enough audience regardless of the full-house. I appreciate this attitude – from time to time I wish to meet a band that doesn’t seduce, but takes me.

I heard there’s an upcoming second studio album of the group being released in May. Are the stadiums ready for their fresh coming?