Журнал Музыка, Эстония (2017) — Trad.Attack!

Журнал Музыка, Эстония (2017)

Trad.Attack!’s second LP, the charming and gripping “Shimmer Gold“ is, no doubt, one of the most important albums in Estonia this year. Sandra and Jalmar Vabarna and Tõnu Tubli have pushed the limits of our ethno music and “Shimmer Gold“ is no exception. While the local folk scene has at times slowed down to admire its own reflection and stumble in violin strings, then Trad.Attack!, building an international carreer, waists no time on self-admiration, although they have more reasons to do so than anyone else.

They’re on the way, they’re searching. They believe in what they do and it’s inspiring! The trio could have sticked to the looper-supported electronic ethno beat they developed with their first EP album and their success would’ve been ensured for the following decade. But they didn’t and this is one of Trad.Attack!’s secrets of charm and phenomena. “Shimmer Gold” is a solid step further from the debut album “AH!” – fast-paced, rather rock sounding, sometimes even art-rock sounding and experimental. It’s meditatively pulsating and has a dose of raw, gripping, crazy and ardent aboriginal hypnotics in it. At times, one can even hear psychedelic whistle and guitar moves inherent to progressive rock. They have moved on from the club atmosphere of their previous album, but this doesn’t mean this new music can’t be danced to. It’s more than danceable.

“Shimmer Gold“ is built on traditional melodies and texts that play an integral role in the album’s spontaneous yet perfectly mastered DNA-strand. Trad.Attack! doesn’t imitate or copy. The band creates its own world that’s organically tied to what was and what’s about to come. The musicians don’t take an idealistic approach to their folkloric heritage and their music is profound, often tenderly sad. High-spirited and clear sounding, intimate and epic, rough and affectionate “Shimmer Gold” is free from the second album syndrome feared among musicians. Time will tell, but it seems that this album has what it takes to become one of those few that withstand the test of time.