EAR MUFFS for children

Enjoy live music with your entire family, including your little ones! It’s never too early to introduce your child to awesome music, yet protect their extremely sensitive hearing so that they can enjoy good music for years to come. Take our ear muffs with you to the concert and let your children enjoy the experience to the fullest!

Why and where one should protect their children's hearing?

- Children's skull bones are thinner, which is why they perceive different sounds much louder than adults
- A child's hearing can be damaged already after one too loud sound experience

- At sport events
- At concerts
- While using hairdryer
- In contact with motorsports
- In noisy environments (e.g. big cities with lots of sirens and other loud noises)
- While using noisy household appliances (e.g. lawnmower, saw)
- In subway
- While playing with noisy toys
- Around fireworks
- While flying with an airplane
- At cinema

Read more about ear muffs here.

Our ear muffs come in two sizes - 0-2 years and 2-10 years. We do not recommend to use ear muffs for babies under 3 months.

Ear muffs: BANZ
Design: Trad.Attack!, Janno Saft

PRICE: 25 €

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