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Interview with our agent and international manager Juliana Voloz

As you know, our master plan is to perform in every country in the world. In seven years, we have given almost 300 concerts in 37 different countries. This has been mostly made possible by our wonderful and fully committed agent and international manager Juliana Voloz! Read more about what Juliana is doing, what her favorite travel destinations are and what she has planned for the new year!

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I have been a music agent and band manager since 2004. In fact, I am a chemist by education and after graduating from TPI, I worked in the field of marine chemistry for 9 years at the Institute of Marine Research in Tallinn. After that, I was a freelance photographer and photo magazine editor.

How long have you been in the music business?

16 years. In 2004 I happened to attend a concert which changed my life - unknowingly I became an agent and a band manager. :)

With whom did you collaborate first? 

It was a Georgian band, The Shin. Their music combined Georgian polyphony, incredible rhythms and jazz. The way they combined it all was so incredibly beautiful and new to me that there was an irresistible desire to make sure that others as well can enjoy their music.

With whom are you currently collaborating with?

At the moment there are 14 international projects in my agency. You can find out more on my website

Bands have different backgrounds, but there is something that unites them all: they know their roots, they enjoy playing together, their music is fresh, captivating, "crazy" and unforgettable. And they are all passionate about their music and radiate it during their performances.

I am really glad that there are 3 Estonian bands among my bands; and that we have been collaborating with Trad.Attack! since 2014. It is always exciting to work with them and besides that I really appreciate our friendship.

What is your most recent discovery in music (a band, a song etc.)?  Something you’d recommend.

Very unique and beautiful Lithuanian - Buryatian project UDU. The melodies are elegantly simple and the vocals simply mesmerizing. Especially this song.

How do you choose the artists or bands you would like to collaborate with? 

There’s a very simple test for that :). When the music gives me goosebumps, it means it is my project.

You really enjoy travelling. What are your three favorite countries?

Georgia, Iceland, the Netherlands Antilles (Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire). But now that I’m mentioning islands, I’d like to add two: Lanzarote and Bali. 

What are your favorite locations in your motherland Estonia?

Tallinn Old Town, Viru bog, Haapse beach and its pine forests, Rummu quarry. The coast and pine forests anywhere around Estonia :).

We know that you like to eat well and that you are a very good cook. What are your 3 favorite dishes?

Help! This is probably the most difficult question! I really like the Swedish fish soup made at the Stockholm market, the Portuguese-style octopus, the Brazilian cheese bread Pao de queijo. It's so hard to stop :). But in general, I like food from Georgia, India, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. And I also like to experiment with recipes; for example, in spring I added some wild garlic, parsley, and green celery to the Georgian Khachapuri. It turned out delicious. :)

How has the year 2020 changed and affected your life and what have you been up to?

Since I stayed home, I had time for several things. For example, I walked a lot; I developed and set up a Booking & Cooking video project that combined music and cooking; I created the JV-Promotion Instagram channel, and engaged passionately in growing vegetables and flowers. When the quarantine was lifted, I enjoyed my time with my grandchild.

What are your expectations for the coming year? 

I look forward to a mask-free open world and lots of concerts for my bands; also for my Booking & Cooking project to develop even more. I look forward to traveling again, though I guess I wouldn't travel as wildly as before :). I also hope to spend time with my grandchild. It's a kind of a marvel to once again observe and enjoy how a small person develops and how touchingly sincere he is.