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The new album by Trad.Attack! – their fourth – demonstrates the pure power of the three band members. The 11 tracks make you smile, dance, mosh, yearn – evoking a full palette of emotions, and then some. Deeply rooted in spells from a long-forgotten time, the album is full of magic and empowerment. 

""Make Your Move", is absolutely enticing, a rocket blazing a fiery trail in an arc across the sky at night." Spiral Earth, UK (2020)

Album cover is made of 100% recycled paper. Let’s be nice to the planet - it's the only one we have!
*Trad.Attack! loves Estonian nature and wants to protect and to help it. With every purchased vinyl you support KOOSLOODUS ( with 0.50€ to plant trees! 
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Martin Rästa
100% recycled paper
Photos for the album
Renee Altrov
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