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NEW ALBUM "MYMIATURES - Songs That Never Grew Up"

Our latest musical stroke, the album "Make Your Move" (2020) was released 9 months ago and is now existing in its own wonderful bliss. “MYM” has already been streamed over a million times!

However, when this album was created, plenty of material that a vinyl couldn’t fit, was left in the drawer. These are ideas, flashes of thought and musical states that carry the most important essence for us in music - emotion. Be it inspired by the rustling recordings of Seto men, guitar strings echoing to infinity, a roaring bagpipe, a Jew’s harp or acoustic-electronic drums.

Our regular rehearsal camp lasts about 2-3 days, during which we create, play, hang out and discuss the matters of the world and our band in the evenings. Everyone has their own routine. Bagpipe practice in the morning, guitar in the evening and drums during the midday nap. When the morning coffee is drunk, it is always good to start the engines immediately; and it always happens that the sprouting ideas are simply excellent. However, by the time the recording starts, the moment has passed and the muses are gone.

But so it goes - inspiration comes and goes like all other things in this life. And not a day goes by where Jalmar doesn’t have his 4-minute guitar catharsis in the evening; a kind you wouldn’t want to end. Sometimes it doesn't even take a minute for Sandra to come up with a chorus and verse for the top charts. Meanwhile Tõnu gets into the zone with his electronic drums late at night, headphones on his head. In the morning, he has a finished song that has been created only with drums, though one hears fewer drums and more melody.

The way music gets to the audience, is known to all. But how music finds its creator, is still quite a mystery. Fortunately, we have the opportunity today to store all kinds of ideas without losing a moment; and like keeping a diary, it is extremely exciting to later discover what has been said and done between the pages. 

These are all moments in Trad.Attack!’s  life before "MYM", and we've recorded and played them raw to bring you fragments of captured emotions that never truly grew big…

"MYMIATURES - Songs That Never Grew Up" is a collection of musical short pieces or sketches that take the listener to the different places and moments that made the album "Make Your Move" come true. These were the first steps of  “MYM”.