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Sandra and Jalmar: "Everything is possible!"

April just begs to be celebrated! And there’s a reason for the high spirits - it’s Sandra’s and Jalmar’s birthday! As always, we have asked them to fill in the birthday questionnaire and to answer fans' questions. Find out, what are their biggest goals and what is in a black hole!

Name: Sandra Vabarna
Age: 35 (soon 36)
Place of birth: Born in Tallinn, but the first two years I spent in Märjamaa.
Current home: Tartu
First instrument: Recorder (flute)
Favorite Estonian band/artist: Vaiko Eplik
Favorite foreign band/artist: it changes all the time! But at this very moment, it would be Bruno Mars. 
Favorite travel destination: Japan and Australia
Hobbies: physical and mental self-development and inspiring others. 
What would you do if you had a million euros: I’d buy a bigger house, hire a cook and a helping hand, enlarge the band’s team, and invest.


Name: Jalmar Vabarna
Age: 33
Place of birth: Born in Põlva, raised in Värska
Current home: Tartu
First instrument: Piano
Favorite Estonian band/artist: Puuluup and Kadri Voorand
Favorite foreign band/artist: Coldplay
Favorite travel destination: Alaska (haven’t made it there yet)
Hobbies: sport, reading, self-development 
What would you do if you had a million euros: I would invest, buy an electric car/band bus, and I would support important initiatives.

What have you learned from each other?

SANDRA: I have learned how to stress less about things and other people’s opinions.
JALMAR: How to go through fire and water, without fearing to fail.

What’s in a black hole?

SANDRA: I don’t know...
JALMAR: Possibly all.

What is your favorite month of the year and why?

SANDRA: April and May because I love the freshness of spring and how everything and everyone has new energy.
JALMAR: May because everything goes suddenly green and you realise that you’re not midst the greyness anymore. 

What is your biggest goal in private life and in your work?

SANDRA: in my private life: to organize my life so that there is time for myself, my children and my spouse, and to live stress-free every day, even when difficult moments occur. At work: To give concerts with Trad.Attack! and release an even fiercer album! As a development coach: get a few more programs ready in order to help people.
JALMAR: Be healthy, both physically and mentally - goes for both private life and work. 

What is your mission?

SANDRA: To live happily and enjoy every day while developing as a person and inspire others.
JALMAR: Turn up, be present and show that everything is possible!